Artist Statement
This portfolio reflects the bond of a mother and her newborn child from the very moment they are united after birth. For a newborn child, they depend on the sense of touch to thrive – it is an integral part of their development and wellbeing, and the moments of bonding within the first few weeks of life are especially important.
The photographs shown in this series are the moments in which this bond is most prevalent, in which the caring for and love are present and vibrant. Also included in this series is a photograph of a newborn wrapping her hand around their fathers finger, which is meant to show the important role a father has during this time of bonding as well.
The technique I have used to allow this bond to resonate with the audience is a close in, intimate style of photograph with a shallow depth that focuses on a moment of nurturing. This is meant to show the interaction and importance of the moment, rather than capturing a pose that you would find in traditional snapshot photography.
For this project, I felt it was important for me to capture intimate moments - moments that are not often thought of as important moments to be photographed. Moments where a newborn child is in most need of companionship - the very moments that show the inseparable bond of a mother and child.
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